Church Building

Church Building

The Bible clearly teaches that God cannot be contained in a building; neither should a church’s ministry be contained within a building. Instead, it should use its buildings as a platform from which it should launch its ministry into the community.

Help With New Construction or Renovations:
The State Board of Missions offers church building services to the congregations of the Alabama Baptist Convention in three basic ways:
1) We try to help churches to not over build.
2) We try to help churches to not under build.
3) We try to help churches to not mis-build.

Church Building Consultations:
To arrange for a free on-site consultation, contact State Missionary Mel Johnson toll free at 1-800-264-1225, ext 389, direct at 334-613-2389 or email:

Capital Fundraising:
The State Board of Missions is committed to help churches with Capital Fundraising needs as well. To find out more about capital fundraising campaigns, contact State Missionary Jim Swedenburg in the office of Cooperative Program & Stewardship Development at 1-800-264-1225, ext. 283, direct at 334-613-2283 or by email at

State Board of Missions Resources:

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Lifeway Resources: 

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North American Mission Board Resources: 

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Church Buildings is a ministry of the office of Global Missions